Prevention Services

This program works with all children regardless of their background to build life skills and healthy habits by sharing a Center for Substance Abuse prevention curriculum in school district both in-school and after school setting.

Life Skills helps develop and/or strengthen youth’s character development and academic achievement. i.e. self-concept and self-esteem, recognizing and dealing with emotions, dealing with teasing, accepting consequences, refusing drugs and alcohol.

Group Details:
-Memorandum of Understanding must be in place with School District.
-Parent/Guardian must sign and complete consent for youth to participate in group.
-Duration/Length of group will depend on curriculum being taught.
-Session/Lesson can last 30 minutes to an hour depending on curriculum being taught.
-Students are not pulled out of their core classes for groups.

Some of JOVEN’S Current and Past Partnering Agencies:
-School Districts
-Edgewood ISD
-Harlandale ISD
-Judson ISD
-South San ISD
-La Escuela De Las Americas-MAUC
-San Antonio ISD
-Northeast ISD
-Jubilee ISD

Along with multiple collaborations with outside agencies.

If you are interested in scheduling groups please contact JOVEN’s Program Director:
Jared Boggs, 210.924.0330 x222