JOVEN Employee Values

Integrity – JOVEN employees are honest, truthful, reliable, ethical, and faithful to the community that they serve.  We demonstrate our Integrity through the following:

We say what we mean and mean what we say.
We acknowledge our shortcomings and take responsibility for our actions.
We ensure accuracy, confidentiality, and security in all record keeping.
We remain within the terms and rules of our funding sources.
We live and model our values at JOVEN and in the community.
We hone our skills and maintain all certifications and licenses as required by our fields. 

Commitment – JOVEN employees are dedicated to serving their clients and the community.  We demonstrate our Commitment through the following:

We integrate the mission, vision and values of JOVEN into our everyday thoughts and actions.
We invest our time in creating a brighter future for our clients by providing them with the means necessary to succeed.
We fashion all of our activities to meet the needs of the client and we pursue funding that will help us to develop a healthier community for our children.
We act promptly when responding to the needs of others.
We encourage the spirit of volunteerism amongst ourselves and in the community.
We deliver effective, high-quality services on a daily basis.

Respect – JOVEN employees treat all people as equals who deserve the highest consideration and deference.  We demonstrate our Respect through the following:

We treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated.
We dress, speak, and act appropriately within the community and at JOVEN.
We practice fair and unbiased behavior in everything that we do.
We genuinely display courtesy and manners at all times.
We value the diverse representation of ethnicity and culture amongst our employees and clients.
We project maturity in all of our interactions with others.