Abstinence Education Curriculum: Promoting Health Among Teens (P.H.A.T.)

Module 1: Getting to Know You and Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

The goals of this module are to provide participants with an overview of the program, increase participants’ personal investment in participating in the program, introduce group members to each other, establish group rules, build group cohesion, comfort, and feelings of safety and trust, and to increase participants’ confidence about making proud and responsible decisions to protect themselves and their community from HIV. Students will identify reasons why teens have sex, the consequences, goals they wish to achieve and what barriers may prevent them from achieving these goals. 

Module 2: Puberty & Adolescent Sexuality

The goals of this module are to identify the physical, emotional, and sexual development that occurs during puberty, identify sexual messages from media, peers and parents, identify the sexual behaviors to avoid when practicing abstinence, and to identify some of the behaviors of abstinence.

Module 3: Making Abstinence Work for Me

The goals of this module are to identify some of the elements required for abstinence to work, discuss attitudes about abstinence, describe strategies to make abstinence work for them, apply problem-solving steps to sexual decision-making and to identify ways to respond to partner pressure to become sexually active.

Module 4: Consequences of Sex: HIV/AIDS

The goals of this module are to increase participant’ knowledge about HIV/AIDS and HIV risk-associated behavior by identifying basic facts about AIDS and HIV, identifying a person’s risk of HIV infection as a result of engaging in various sexual and non-sexual behaviors, and identifying  how HIV infection can be prevented.

Module 5: Consequences of Sex: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The goals of this module are to increase participants’ knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases by identifying the most common STDs and the signs and symptoms of STDs, identifying how STDs, including HIV/AIDS, are transmitted, expressing that they might be at risk for contracting an STD, and identifying which behaviors are low risk, high risk, and no risk for contracting the most deadly STD, HIV.

Module 6: Consequences of Sex: Pregnancy

The goals of this module are to increase participants’ understanding of pregnancy as a consequence of sex, increase participants’ perception that they are vulnerable to getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant, increase participants’ understanding of the consequences of teen pregnancy, distinguish myths from facts about pregnancy, and express positive feelings toward pregnancy prevention.

Module 7: Improving Sexual Choices & Negotiations

The goals of this module are to identify the specific types of sexual physical contact that fit within their personal comfort zone, recognize pressure from peers to engage in sexual activity, advocate for abstinence with other young teens, identify and explain the characteristics of effective refusal, identify strategies for negotiating abstinence in romantic relationships, identify the body language and strategies needed for saying “NO” effectively, demonstrate the ability to negotiate abstinence with a partner, and express confidence in their ability to say “NO to risky sexual situations.

Module 8: Role Plays: Refusal and Negotiation Skills

The goals of this module are to increase the participants’ communication, negotiation, and refusal skills regarding abstinence, enhance participants’ ability to resist situations that place them at risk for STD/HIV infection and pregnancy, increase participants’ sense of pride and responsibility in negotiating abstinence, and for the students to express pride in sticking to their decision to abstain from risky sexual behaviors.